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Amateur astronomy sounds simple in theory: Get a telescope, point it at the sky and look. But gaze into the night sky and you'll see countless points of light. So, how I will find a single star or constellation out there? Well I need first learn to walk before I can run—rushing me into the hobby will only leave me overwhelmed and discouraged. Wish me good luck!

Mercury in Transit

The planet Mercury will cross directly in front of the Sun on May 9th. It is an event that has’t occurd for years. I hope the wheather will allow me to observe this. Observation report will follow. Credit: NASA 9th May 2016 Report.        

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Dark Lunar Eclipse

On Sunday night, Sept. 27th, the supermoon passed through the shadow of Earth, producing a total lunar eclipse. Here are some pictures from this event. The next total eclipse of the Moon won’t occur until Jan. 31, 2018.

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Jupiter and Venus Conjunction

On Wednesday, July 01, did observation of the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. A conjunction is a celestial event in which two planets or a planet and the moon or a planet and a star appear close together in the night sky. Conjunctions have no real astronomical value, but they are nice to view. Explanation […]

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